Manufacturing 3d printed food and pharmaceutical safety parts

As a material developer, we provide a unique and patented solution to manufacture 3D printed parts with our polymer materials that comply, in terms of certifications and functionalities, with the safety requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer you turnkey solutions with our patented materials:

  • Supply of materials if you are equipped with compatible industrial 3D printers (all powder bed 3D printers, contact us to check compatibility).

  • Supply and installation of the 3D printer and specific materials from Fabulous.

  • Production of parts in quantities ranging from one to 10,000 pieces.

Bluecare food safe powder material for sls 3d printing
Detect food safe powder material for SLS 3d printing


Bio-sourced components, PA11 polymer base.

Optical detection, safety blue colour in the mass.

Food contact compliance according to FDA(Food & Drugs administration) and/or European Regulation 10/2011. GMP compliance.

High wear resistance.

Made in France


Bio-sourced components, PA11 polymer base.

Optical detection, safety blue colour in the mass.

X-ray metal detection ; magnetizable

Food contact compliance according to FDA(Food & Drugs administration) and/or European regulation 10/2011. GMP compliance.

Excellent mechanical properties

Made in France

Examples of 3D printed parts with Bluecare material in the food and/or pharmaceutical industry: 

    • Ice cream or cake extrusion nozzles
    • Robot clamps on pharmaceutical packaging lines
    • Food scrapers 
    • Spare and wear parts on production lines
    • Modular food conveyor belts
    • Pharmaceutical packaging fillers
    • etc.

Benefits of 3D printing in the food and pharmaceutical industries:

Whether you are a manufacturer of special machines for this sector, a production plant, or a manufacturer of parts, here is a summary of why you should print your parts with BLUECARE or DETECT:

    • Manufacturing process security:
      Blue plastics printed in the mass are widely used for prevention in the food industry, due to their visibility and real-time identification on production lines (identification of foreign bodies or plastic fragments in food by visual or optical detection of blue).
    • Final parts with food contact certification:
      Parts made of plastic materials and in direct contact with food must meet strict requirements regarding the materials used, especially when it comes to verifying that the contact is not harmful from a physiological point of view. BLUECARE's certifications meet the requirements of international regulations for parts in contact with food. Furthermore, with BLUECARE, the cleanliness of the components is easier to determine, as spores, mould, food or detergent residues are more clearly visible than with other coloured materials.
    • Accelerated lead time:
      Manufacturing a spare part on demand in 3D printing only takes the time of the design, and limits the risks of very long lead times for the supply of the spare part by your supplier. We digitise and 3D print with certified material in just a few days.
    • Freedom of design, and customisation of the part:
      Thanks to 3D printing, we can reinforce a part where it wears out too quickly. Furthermore, 3D printing with Bluecare is suitable for products with complex designs, such as the internal channels of a food extrusion nozzle. Unleash your creativity.
    • Cost optimisation:
      In times of rising material prices, especially for stainless steel, Bluecare is an interesting alternative to metal and a cost-saving measure.
    • Recyclability:
      Our material is bio-sourced (from renewable resources, not petroleum). We also optimise the recyclability rate of our product and set up with our customers a logistics system for the recovery of used powders.