Our Tech-center's sole mission is to develop our customers' industrial applications, by implementing in a concentrated way the means of proofs of concept for products or materials.

This application philosophy is combined with that of speed of execution: development must be a means of bringing a product to market, which also implies testing the economic rationality of the project.


With several years of experience in assisting companies, we have set up a proven methodology that allows us to quickly study the technical and economic feasibility of the project:

Step 1: Consultancy & concept
Training; audits; technology selections; market studies; feasibility studies; Design for additive Manufacturing (DFAM).

Step 2: Application engineering
CAD and digital optimizations; product proofs of concept; material proofs of concept.

Step 3: Technology Transfer
Switching to pre-series "make or buy" for production; industrialization study; turnkey plants with risk control.


In our technology centre for additive manufacturing, we provide our customers with all means of proof of product and material concepts:

SOFTWARE: additive manufacturing Design
HARDWARE: additive manufacturing equipment
CHARACTERIZATION: additive manufacturing laboratory


Fabulous takes care of your transition to production by controlling all the risks related to the integration or subcontracting of your project: process, material, digital, organization, costs.

We deliver "turnkey factories" made up of machines parameterized to measure, for the targeted product, with the corresponding material, having trained your employees, and controlling the costs and the organization to be set up for a good implementation.

Fabulous manages your fabrications for you. From the source files, the choice of machines and materials, to the coordination between the different post-processes, finishes, assembly and delivery.

Our work can go beyond proof of concept by manufacturing pre-production runs to final validation before large-scale production.