We are specialized in industrial Powder Bed fusion 3D printing technologies.

FABULOUS' mission is to design, develop, and produce innovative materials for additive manufacturing, but not only. In a booming market, our customers want to go from prototyping to mass production. This requires the development of industrial applications based on innovative materials. This is our mission. This requires us to set up a "full-service" offer with customized support to achieve our customers' objectives.

Fabulous Label


Our experts all have a double competence: 

    • Engineering, to ensure the operational implementation of additive manufacturing projects
    • Consulting & Services, to support our customers in the actual implementation of additive manufacturing applications by controlling all the associated "risks": processes, materials, digital, organizational, costs.

Our experts come from various backgrounds(materials science, industrial designers, or digital processing consultants), but they have mostly been trained in the field, confronted with the industrial reality of implementing additive manufacturing technologies. 

Fabulous Team



FABULOUS is a family business, which draws on this value to offer its customers very specific support in the market. The company was created in 2014 by Olivier Coulet and Arnault Coulet. The alliance of theengineering expertise in materials science and additive manufacturing embodied by Olivier and recognized internationally, and theconsulting expertise in digital transformation of companies for more than 15 years embodied by Arnault.

Our stronghold and industrial cradle is Lyon, for all that we export "Made in France" in several European countries and beyond.