You are a company and have a 3D printing project in Toulon?

The city of Toulon, located in the Provence Côte d'Azur region, is known for its economic dynamism. Benefiting from an ideal geographical situation with a maritime opening on the Mediterranean coast, it is a major player in regional economic life. The commercial port of Toulon is the first French port serving Corsica, which increases the traffic within this city.

By positioning itself as one of the major players in the South of France, Toulon is naturally one of the main French cities for the 3D printing sector. With many cutting-edge industries such as shipyards, the city of Toulon has a real potential for innovation with additive manufacturing.

Fabulous offers advice to companies wishing to install a 3D printing process within their professional activity. Thanks to the diversity of printing techniques as well as materials, 3D printing is suitable for a wide range of sectors.

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