You are a company and have a 3D printing project in Orléans?

Located a few kilometres from the capital, Orléans is a city on the move. Its community includes more than 114,000 inhabitants and numerous sectors of activity such as IT, electronics, automobiles and pharmaceuticals make it a major centre of French economic life.
It is therefore natural that many 3D printing companies have decided to set up in this city. Offering itself as an alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques, 3D printing is accompanying companies in a technological mutation.
Fabulous provides the consulting part of 3D printing. We propose to study with you the different existing solutions and those that would be best adapted to your sector of activity. The diversity of techniques as well as the materials that can be used allow us to establish a strong capacity for adaptation. There are no sectors privileged by 3D printing and we are at your disposal in order to establish the different aspects on which this technology could intervene within your professional activity.
If you are a company in Orleans interested in 3D printing, please contact us at