Are you a company with a 3D printing project in Lille?

Lille, located only a few hours from the capital, has an enviable geographical location. Just a stone's throw from Belgium, it ensures a European influence. With its strong industrial culture, it is a city and a region in full renewal.
Fabulous will accompany you throughout your project, allowing you to benefit from local production. The Nord and the Lille region, historic industrial areas, are now developing in digital additive manufacturing. With industrial sectors such as textiles and distribution, the Nord Pas de Calais region wishes to take advantage of the opportunities offered by 3D printing in terms of economic renewal.
It is by taking into account this industrial heritage that 3D printing can complement traditional manufacturing techniques. It brings a new look to the way industry is conceived, saving time, allowing freedom of modelling but also the promise of keeping the same quality.
Many other sectors are concerned by additive manufacturing, and the diversity of printing techniques, materials and models allow this technology to meet a wide range of demands.
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