You are a company and have a 3D printing project in Geneva?

Geneva is located at the end of Lake Geneva. Demographically, it is the second most populous city in Switzerland after Zurich. It is a city with an international reputation, not least because it is the city with the most international bodies. This wealth of international exchanges allows Geneva and Switzerland more generally to have a respected stature.

In Switzerland, 3D printing can take off in a big way. Geneva, with its innovative start-ups but also its luxury goods, jewellery and watchmaking industries, offers an important place to 3D scanning and printing technologies because they allow to give a high added value to these high quality products. 3D printing applications can also serve the luxury industries by bringing a new technical vision. The 3D printing industrial basin is also well developed, with production networks on both sides of the Swiss border, between Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva.
Benefiting from a particularly well-developed transport network, the city of Geneva is a privileged platform for European and international exchanges.
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