You are a company and have a 3D printing project in Bordeaux?

Often compared to its wine area, the city of Bordeaux actually offers much more than that to companies. With a diversified and prosperous economy, it cultivates the plurality of its fields of activity. The dynamism of the Aquitaine region and its metropolis, Bordeaux, attracts numerous companies with a high technological content, notably: aerospace, automotive, health/medical, electronics, etc.

So many fields that can be touched by 3D printing and its technical potential. Today, through the development of four competitiveness clusters (the Aerospace Valley cluster, the Route des Lasers cluster, the Avenia cluster and the Xylofutur cluster). The competitiveness clusters include training, research and industry in order to push innovation further. The city of Bordeaux feeds this dynamism by adopting an energetic local policy.

The city of Bordeaux is also home to numerous colleges and universities, making it an innovative, young and active city!

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