You are a company and have a 3D printing project in Limoges?

Located in the Centre West region, Limoges is the leading economic centre in this region. At the crossroads of major European routes, this metropolis offers a remarkable quality of life. Many French industries have chosen to locate here, benefiting from a local policy that favours economic development.

In such a context, 3D printing is positioned as an aid to the development of existing professional activities. Often complementing more traditional techniques, additive manufacturing brings a new vision as well as an impressive technical quality.

Limoges is home to two major French industrial clusters: Elopsys (microwaves, photonics, secure networks) and the European ceramics cluster, and is one of the main cities concerned by the technological innovations represented by 3D printing.

Fabulous assists companies in various fields related to 3D printing. Whether it is for professionals or individuals, for industry or for distribution companies, 3D printing knows no limits. Our goal is to provide advice and analysis in order to find the best solution for your company.

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